loan approval tips

Being prepared for your loan up front will save you a headache later on. Between having adequate documents and avoiding large purchases, getting a mortgage loan is a little trickier these days. Follow the list of helpful tips below to ensure a more effortless loan process. 


   • continue making your mortgage or rent payments on time

   • stay current on all existing accounts

   • keep working at your current employer

   • keep your same insurance company (if this is a refinance)

   • continue living at your current residence

   • continue to use your credit as normal

   • call your lender if you have any questions


   • make any major purchase (car, boat, jewelry, etc.)

   • apply for new credit (even if you are pre-approved)

   • transfer any balances from one account to another

   • pay off any debt or collections before discussing with us

   • close any credit card accounts

   • change bank accounts

   • max out or over charge on your credit card accounts

   • consolidate your debt